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Finding the balance of a healthy you, is often a very difficult, unrewarding and frustrating experience. Efforts to maintain the health of the "Body" often result in depleting the health of the "Mind" or, vice versa. Inevitably, this leads to our Spirit craving for a more holistic wellness.

Throughout our lives, we experience various seasons of living - with new demands, challenges, changes and personal journeys. While each season of our lives will demand a unique balance of wellness, I can show you how to develop, improve and sustain a holistic and nourishing harmony of Body, Mind & Spirit. More about my background and education journey here.


Movement & Meditation

Health Coaching

Cooking Classes & Food Shopping

client testimonials

Client Testimonials


"I have been a client of Catherine Atwood for many years and learned that with good nutrition, homeopathy, and exercise you can vastly improve the quality of life. Catherine has a gift and its wonderful to see her use her talents to give seminars on good nutrition. I highly recommend taking Catherine's cooking class. What makes her class so worthwhile is that the material is very easy to follow, and the knowledge you gain helps form the building blocks for a healthier lifestyle. Her passion and dedication to helping others really comes through in her work." 

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upcoming events

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