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Movement &


By blending several exercise type and mind-body techniques (Pilates, Yoga, QiGong flow, Tai Chi, Breath work, TRE®, Meditation ) I aim to offer a valuable and sustainable experience and help my clients to find balance in all areas of life.


For meditation whether you have meditated for a long time or are brand new to the practice we can help you with how to get started and keep your practice fresh. We offer instruction on different meditation techniques, How to sit for the most effective and comfortable meditation practice, How to use the breath to calm the body and mind. Using different concentration methods to overcome mental restlessness and different meditation modalities including affirmations, visualization, and walking meditations.


My studio is located in the Ballantyne area. It is nice and comfortably and I can accommodate 4 students at a time. My whole philosophy is to offer a complete mind-body experience, giving each person the tools they need to continue their practice at home. Each class/workshop should leave you feeling refreshed as if you had been on a mini-vacation. Whether you choose to come once, monthly or weekly, you will encounter nurturing and growth. The environment offers Safety, Acceptance, Hope and Joy.



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Health Coaching

Using an hybrid approach combining classical Kentian homeopathy, practical Homeopathy and Healthy Living techniques to achieve lasting results in the shortest time possible.


A natural pharmaceutical science, homeopathy uses various plants, minerals and organisms in very small dose to stimulate the sick person's natural defenses. These medicines are individually chosen for their ability to balance or counter, the symptoms a person is experiencing. "Homoios" in Greek means similar and "pathos" means disease or suffering. Since one's symptoms are efforts of the body (or organism) to reestablish homeostasis or balance, it is logical to seek a substance that would, in proper dosage or overdose, cause the similar symptoms the person is experiencing. The medicines, thus, go with, rather than against, the person's natural defenses.


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Cooking Classes &  Food Shopping

Preparing & eating wonderful, healthy food can be a fun and rewarding experience. Most people eat out of semiconscious need, swallowing food without really tasting it or focusing their attention on the next bite before they have enjoyed the present one. Others talk, read, or watch television while eating, directing their attention incompletely to their food. One consequence of unmindful eating is overeating. Another is the lack of enjoying the full sensory pleasure from food. Our healthy cooking classes and food shopping will teach you how to to prepare and buy food that your taste buds, body and soul will enjoy.

Our classes are tailored to your very own needs, in your own home. We bring everything and clean-up everything afterwards. We can work with different sized groups and varied ages of attendees. Contact us to check availability in your area.


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