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In-person @St.Matthews Parish Center Tues/Th 9:00am EST

Livestreamed Tues/Th 9:00am EST

Qigong Flow 8-wks session

Jan 9-Feb 29


QiGong flow is a slow flow, moving exercise/meditation that can benefit people at all levels of physical abilities. Qigong routines use movement, breathing, self-massage, sound, visualization and mental intention to balance and harmonize the natural flow of energy in the body.


In the season of Winter we focus on warming the kidneys to boost our vitality and support the body during this cold season. In TCM winter resonates with the water element and the kidney/bladder system. Because of the cold weather, our internal water is susceptible to becoming cold and stagnant. This is why a balance of invigorating movements and nourishing ones are the best choices for winter months.


***”Stretching on the mat" Add-on on Tue after the class (10:30-11am)


Purchasing this class also gives you online access to an extensive online class library



$ 56 (8wks) - 1 class/wk or $96 (8wks) - 2 classes/wk or

$10 for 1 Class Pass -

Stretching class add-on (10:30-11am on Tue) $16 ($2 per class)

In-person/Online Qigong Flow - 1 or 2 classes/wk -2 wks left

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