In person @St.Matthews Parish Center Tues/Th 9:00am EST

Livestreamed Tues 9:00am EST and Th 10:30am EST (the Th session is recorded)

Qigong Flow 6 weeks session July 12-August 18, 2022


QiGong flow is a slow flow, moving exercise/meditation that can benefit people at all levels of physical abilities. Qigong routines use movement, breathing, self-massage, sound, visualization and mental intention to balance and harmonize the natural flow of energy in the body. Purchasing this class also gives you online access to a class recording each week as well as a list of pre-recorded classes $42 (6wks) - 1 class/wk or $75 (6wks) - 2 classes/wk or $10 for 1 Class Pass

In-person/Online QiGong Flow - 1 or 2 classes/wk - (3 wks left)