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In-person @St.Matthews Parish Center Tues/Th 9:00am EST

Livestreamed Tues/Th 9:00am EST

Qigong Flow 7-wks session

May 7-June 20


QiGong flow is a slow flow, moving exercise/meditation that can benefit people at all levels of physical abilities. Qigong routines use movement, breathing, self-massage, sound, visualization and mental intention to balance and harmonize the natural flow of energy in the body.

In TCM, Summer starts on May 5, Summer resonates with the heart and small intestine. The flows will focus on purifying, nourishing and balancing the heart and small intestine. The exercises work with the fire element to ignite our internal power and move through a process of internal alchemy by uniting fire and water, ultimately invoking our sense of compassion and wisdom.


Purchasing this class also gives you online access to an extensive online class library


$49 (7wks) - 1 class/wk or $84 (7wks) - 2 classes/wk - May 7 until June 20

$10 for 1 Class Pass

In-person/Online Qigong Flow - 1 or 2 classes/wk - 6wks

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